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The Valentine School of dance Welcomes pupils of all ages, race and gender, and works hard to get to know pupils individually so we can nurture talent, assess needs, to help each pupil reach their potential. Teachers maintain good relationships with parents and families. We encourage pupils to work together with respect, express individuality, improve confidence and self- awareness, and hope to install in each pupil a lifelong love of dance, whether for a career or solely recreation.


Parents or guardians of all students must fill out a registration form before the pupils attends lessons, this form must state clearly the full name and address of the student and any emergency contact numbers, and declare any medical or physical problems we should be aware of. Once signed the parent/guardian has then accepted responsibility for all of our policies including the following, and also sign data protection policy:

Fees and Payment

All fees are due at the second class of each term. These dates must be adhered to. Any student in financial difficulties MUST speak to the Principal to discuss this and make plans for payments by instalment. Any fees not paid by half term will lose any multi class discount and be subject to a 10% increase, to cover additional administration costs.  If fees are not received by half term without explanation then the student will lose their space and will be refused entrance to class. Payments can be made by cheque or bank transfer. Cash will only be accepted if in a named and sealed envelope. 

Weekly payments are allowed for the first half term that you join the school only; thereafter termly invoices are given at the start of each new term. Once you have been with the school for a term, half a terms notice is required in writing or email before discontinuing any class.

Cancellation of classes

The school reserves the right to cancel classes in extreme circumstances, e.g. Snow or teacher illness and will replace classes if possible within the same term or following term.  Refunds will only be made if the school cannot replace classes.  In the case of cancellation the school will try to notify all parents of students by text, email, on the school website and social media.

 Child Protection

Our child protection policy is available on our website, some key points are:

All students must stay within the premises until collected by an adult and all students under 8 years must be accompanied by an adult who must remain on the premises in the waiting area provided.  Registers are kept of attendance at classes and the School keeps an up-to-date list of emergency contact numbers for each Student .Teachers hold current DBS enhanced disclosure. We also make sure that various parents hold a current DBS and /or are licensed chaperones during the shows and all group activities. All permanent teaching staff are qualified by either the Imperial Society Teachers of Dance (I.S.T.D) or UKA

Shows and performances

All students of the school are invited to perform in the bi annual show. Parents must sign a form one term prior to the show and agree to encourage regular attendance to class and to pay for the hire or purchase of costumes. We also take part in a yearly fete at Castle Park, plus other charity performances.

Examination Process

Students may be entered for Imperial Society Examinations in Ballet, Tap and Modern or Jazz by invitation of the Principal. (If you do not wish to be considered for dance examinations please let me know).  Students must have reached the age of 6 before they can be entered for examinations and only under special circumstances can students below this age be entered.  Those chosen to take an exam will receive a letter of invitation; if for any reason your child is unable to take the exam then you must inform the Principal verbally or in writing no later than 2 weeks upon receipt of invitation.   Fees must be paid by the closing date on the attached invitation to prevent cancellation of exam.    Refunds for examinations are not given unless the student can provide a doctors sick note, upon receipt of this a 50% refund towards another exam is given.

Graded examinations require a certain number of hours of study. These hours are made up to the required amount by coaching classes, as regular classes can also include show work etc. and not always solely syllabus , therefore those invited and willing to take part in grade examinations are expected to attend coaching classes arranged, and are encouraged to attend regular classes more than once a week.

All ISTD graded examinations are accredited on the national qualifications framework (NQF) and are outlined below:

I.S.T.D. Grade 1 – 3 – NQF Level 1 (equivalent - GCSE grade D-G)

I.S.T.D. Grade 4 – 5 – NQF Level 2 (equivalent - GCSE grade A* - C)

I.S.T.D. Grade 6 – NQF Level 3 (equivalent – A/AS Level)

Students who successfully pass Grade 6, Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced 1 or Advanced 2 can gain UCAS points from these examinations for University entrance.

We also offer UKA medal tests as a more relaxed way of gaining an award or level, all students are invited to take part in these awards and do not normally require extra coaching. The UKA is also a member of The Council of Dance Education and the awards are regulated.

Further Training/other schools

Any students wishing to pursue a career in dance are supported and encouraged by the school.  The school can advise on suitable vocational and professional training colleges and can assist in entrance requirements for auditions.

The Valentine School of Dance abides by the guidelines set down by the Council for Dance Education.  Students are not allowed to attend if they are attending another school that is not affiliated to an awarding body.  Safe dance practice and professional code of conduct is of paramount importance to the school and although we are fully supportive of other accredited schools we do not support schools with unqualified teaching staff. For a general guideline, schools who are accredited offer examinations with an awarding body such as the I.S.T.D, I.D.T.A, R.A.D, or B.B.O. U.K.A


The school holds a Public liability Insurance certificate. Pupils are responsible for their own property and persons while attending the school.

Contact email valentinedance@hotmail.com  facebook@valballet     www.valentineschoolofdance.com


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