Data Privacy Policy

Thank you for trusting The Valentine School of Dance with some information about you and/or your child(ren). I would like to assure you I take that trust seriously and we want you to know how we use your information and why. 

Who is holding your information?

The information you have given to me is kept by myself as the principal of the school, also accessible to any cover teachers. We do not permit copying or sharing  

Where do we get data from?

We only hold data provided to us by you. Initial information is collected on the registration form that is filled out at enrolment. When you register for classes at the Valentine School of Dance, I collect contact information such as guardian names, addresses, phone numbers, emergency contacts, e-mail address and student information such as student names, birthdays, medical conditions, and your comments. This information is needed to manage dance school and will not be used or sold for any other purpose, I may also collect data that is emailed to us by you. Once collected it is transferred onto the schools main registration document and I only keep information that is necessary to run the dance school in an efficient manner. 

Where is your data stored? In common with most small businesses, I do not have any tailor-made software –I use mainstream packages for record keeping, email and accounting, etc, with appropriate security standards, and paper copies on file.  

Do we share your data?

I would never sell or share data held. Your information/advice is held in the strictest confidence. The school is aware that confidentiality is paramount and any sharing of data is a breach of data regulations.To take part in exams, dance festivals or performances we I would usually be asked to send personal data to the organising body, we will ask for your consent to share the data when entering your child. We also reserve the right to share information if we suspect a safeguarding issue (child protection policy).

 How long do we retain your data?

We will keep and update records for as long as your child dances at The Valentine School of Dance or your account is open. Once they leave, it is up to you. We can either delete your data or you can stay with us as part of our friends and alumni. We hope that you will.

 Want to see what we hold on you?

Under the new regulations you have the right to know what information we hold on you. Simply send an email to valentinedance@hotmail.com and I will copy what I have (or send screenshots) and send it to you. If you believe I have information I should not be keeping, or it is out of date or otherwise wrong, please let me know and I will take appropriate action.


Photography Consent Form Occasionally photographs are taken during classes and events for promotional leaflets, website and for our Facebook page.To comply with the Data Protection Regulations your permission is required before we take any photographs or recordings of you. Please help by answering the questions below then sign and date the form where shown.

Name of Student: ___________________________________________________________

1. May we use your image in our own printed publications produced YES / NO for promotional purposes?

2. May we use your image on our website? YES / NO

3. May we record your image on promotional videos? YES / NO

 4. May we use your image for our Facebook page? YES/NO

Parent / Guardian Signature: ________________________________


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